kopie Celine tas

 Dr. Kamwami Mwania

Welcome to Scott’s School of Theology. The men and women who form our student body come from diverse backgrounds and are brought together at Scott Christian University (SCU) by a shared passion for serving Christ and his Church. It is always a joy to see the transformation that occurs throughout their time here at SCU.

The School of Theology is the oldest school at SCU, begun in 1962, and remains the cornerstone of the University since every programme and every course offered at SCU is taught intentionally from a Christian perspective. Our programmes within the School of Theology are designed to impart the biblical, theological, and ministry knowledge necessary to be an effective minister, church leader, and disciple of Christ in 21st century Africa. Furthermore, required field ministry, learning contracts, internships, and evangelistic campaigns help to shape the skills and character of our students under the supervision of qualified faculty mentors who themselves have extensive ministry experience.

Ultimately, our goal and prayer for all of our students is that they might address issues in the church and society biblically and with the Gospel of Jesus Christ, that they might be leaders who serve humbly and lovingly, and that they might grow in Christlikeness, bringing glory to God and building his Kingdom in all aspects of life. Currently, our alumni are spread all over the world in church leadership positions, as missionaries, and in private and public sector jobs, serving and working to transform society for the glory of God. We whole-heartedly welcome you to Scott Christian University, and specifically to the School of Theology.