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The Senate and management of Scott Christian University wishes to inform all second, third and fourth year students of Scott Christian University that the university will re-open on thursday, 20th September 2018 at 8am.

Scott Christian University has a Student Council is an elected annually by the student body to oversee and plan student activities that promote spiritual and social well-being. Through example and words, these student leaders seek to promote harmonious community living. Every year members of the Student Council are elected by the student body during the second semester to serve a term of one year. These ten to fifteen students have specified rolls that cover all aspects of student life from library services to hostel living. 

The Dean of Students acts as adviser to the Student Council. The Student Council is concerned with all areas of student welfare, thus where appropriate it brings student needs to the attention of the relevant University authority and provides input to the Academic Council on matters related to the wellbeing of students.