SCU receives a clean bill of health from CUE

April 9, 2016 | 4:11 pm

Commission for University Education (CUE) carried out an Institutional audit of Scott Christian University from 6th – 9th April 2016 and gave SCU a clean bill of health. The audit assessed stakeholder requirements, management of the University, core activities of the University, the University quality assurance, physical facilities and utilities, the University achievements, stakeholder’s satisfaction and the University Colleges, Campuses, collaborations and partnerships.

The commission applauded the University for offering market oriented courses among them the Leadership and Management Programme which is relevant to the devolved system of government and commended the University for its internationally recognized Journal, Africa for Evangelical Theology (AJET), which is published biannually, community outreach initiatives among them training Machakos County Officials and cleaning exercises. The commission also commended the University for its Programmes which are aligned to the uniqueness of the University.

The Commission noted that Scott Christian University graduates have been received well in the market and added that the government acknowledges Scott Christian University as one of the key institutions offering theological studies in Kenya. Scott Christian University is committed to providing quality programmes for transformation of individuals and society.

A similar Institutional audit will be carried out again by the Commission to the University after five years. Commission for university education carries out the audit in Kenyan universities to ascertain that internal quality assurance systems work as intended, produce useful and relevant information for improvement of universities operations, and result in effective improvement measures.

Vice Chancellor Prof. Mumo Kisau while receiving the Exit Report from the Audit Team which was led by Prof. Kiptoon and Prof. Mary Getui appreciated the Audit team and noted that the report was insightful and timely as the University evaluates its 2012-2017 strategic plan and enters into a new one.