SCU changing lives in partnership with world vision and compassion international

April 14, 2016 | 9:08 am

Creating unity among different denominations has become a challenge among different Christian denominations. Subconsciously Christians have been divided into sub groups depending on their place of worship. In addition, some pastors and Christian ministers in different churches have been believed to depend entirely on their churches to earn a living.

Scott Christian University in partnership with World Vision is imparting change to pastors and church leaders through a two year programme of Christian Ministry which is offered in Diploma and certificate levels at the grass roots. Through the programme pastors have attested of the change they have had in their lives and churches that they serve.

Speaking to the Mutomo and Mwatate classes last week on 13th & 14th April 2016, the students thanked the University and Word Vision for introducing the programme at grassroots which has enabled them have united denominations within their areas, introduce community development programmes in their churches and their villages. In addition the church leaders noted that their world view has been transformed which has enabled them serve their churches better.

The programme has empowered the church ministers spiritually and economically. Pastors from Badaptai ADP camp after the community development class of the course came together and initiated an agribusiness project which is enabling them export capsicum (pilipili hoho) to international markets.

Scott Christian University in partnership with Word Vision continues to glorify God by providing quality programmes of education and training, promoting research, preservation and transmission of knowledge, skilled services and inculcating godly character for the transformation of individuals and society.