Maacah Munyoki, how blessed!

July 5, 2019 | 6:46 pm
Maacah Mwikali Munyoki reads her valedictory message at our 54th Graduation Ceremony on 5/7/2019 at the Graduation Square.

SCU’s 54th graduation ceremony was celebrated in style with the entire leadership of the university in attendance on the 5th July 2019 at the the University’s newly refurbished graduation square. The Machakos County Governor, synonymous with ‘Maendeleo Chap Chap,’ H. E. Dr. Alfred Mutua, also the chief guest at the ceremony did not disappoint at all as his entourage made it’s way into the university grounds right on time. Graduands and parents /guardians were all sat, pregnant with expectation of what the day had in store for them all.

Among the 2019 graduating class sat one lively young lady; a Bachelor of Theology student who, among the others, looked forward to the moment that she would be handed over ‘the power to read and write and to do all that which pertains to it.’ This young lady, however, was not just any other graduand. She had been set aside alongside a male student. They were the valedictorians of this big day. Little did she know that on that day, in a few hours’ time, an occurrence would mark the beginning of her career as a graduate of bachelor of theology.

The day’s programme rolled smoothly and the moment came. As the large crowds sat to listen to the young, bubbly, energetic and eloquent 2019 graduand cum valedictorian, Maacah Munyoki, one could not miss to feel the joy that engulfed her, as she read out her valedictorian to the all calm but evidently excited guests. Scott Christian University was yet again celebrating her graduation that comes once a year in July. This time round, SCU was graduating 79 students who, among these, had excelled exceptionally well. Being a Christian University that prides in leaner’s holistic development; imparting knowledge, skills and character development, on this day it was evident that God had done it for 79 learners. They were all coming out of Scott market-ready to serve the society for the honor and glory of God.

Four years of fevered anticipation and premature speculation had culminated on this beautiful Friday morning for Maacah and other graduands to receive a certificate of confirmation for their four years in academic excellence. What a joy! Their hard work in striving to excel in the previous four years had paid off. This was clearly evident in her speech that read in part… “We came to Scott Christian University with a lot of intellectual curiosity. Today we are so grateful because this community has not only nurtured us intellectually but holistically. Indeed, we can boldly affirm the truth that in academics, ‘the means justify the end.”

Presently, Maacah is a different kind of a graduate. I mean, it is a rare opportunity to get a government job while sitting right at the graduation square. Maacah says that her passion for theology is inspired by SCU Dean of students, Rev. Lumumba Wambua, whom, she describes as her role model, adding that he was the one who introduced her to Scott and always encouraged her to work hard in her academics. She attests that her experience in SCU was good. There were challenges, yes, like in any other institution where different people from different backgrounds are. She however is quick to appreciate the cohesion of the members of Scott community, noting her experience made her grow stronger in all aspects of her life.

According to her valedictory, which is a reflection of her time in SCU, Maacah mentions that “Scott has a very good curriculum for the undergraduate studies as well as qualified and committed lecturers,” and urges all aspiring students to join and study at Scott to make a difference in their own lives and the world at large.

When the Governor, Machakos County, H.E. Dr. Alfred Mutua, who was the chief guest at the 54th graduation ceremony called her out for being the most outstanding graduate as she had delivered the speech on behalf of other graduates and moments earlier had also meticulously performed in the SCU choir, Maacah says it was the most exciting moment in her life.

The governor was impressed by Maacah’s participation in the choir and got fascinated by her valedictory as well, thereby offering her job opportunity to report the week that followed at the county offices. At this moment ululations rented the air as the governor urged everyone to learn from Maacah, to be always proactive.

Currently, Maacah is now an officer in the Machakos County Offices, precisely in the department of Public Service and Equality Management. She is glad that she was fortunate to get this job opportunity on her big day and appreciates that in line with her theology degree, which is more of giving service to other people. She is grateful to the governor H.E. Dr. Alfred Mutua for the job opportunity and vows to give her best.

In her parting shot, Maacah notes that SCU did not only equip her to service at church only but also the community at large and would refer many students to come and study here to be holistically transformed. She thanks the VC, Prof. Mumo Kisau, the Dean of students, Rev. Lumumba Wambua, the office of Academic Affairs, all the lecturers and the entire Scott family, for the support they offered in her academic journey.

Her slogan … ‘I am a missioner who walks by faith and grace.’