3rd Annual ASSSP Forum – 2019

August 14, 2019 | 9:00 am

The 3rd ASSSPF Annual Conference 13th -15th August 2019 at Scott Christian University’s Conference and Retreat Centre was officiated by the ASSSPF chairperson, Benson Ndumia. The Vice Chancellor; Scott Christian University Prof. Mumo Kisau officially opened the forum and welcomed all participants as he expressed gratitude for the three years of partnering with the Kitui County principals.

In his opening remarks, the VC noted with emphasis that in today’s day and age, the principals are critical custodians of morality with the help of the church. The professor underscored on the values of honesty, respect, justice and integrity adding that they should be incorporated in light of: practice what you preach, narrate your personal experience, reward good behavior and communicate effectively.


He concluded by encouraging each principal to speak with their school career guidance master to help the students in choices of universities and to choose Scott Christian University as their first choice when choosing institutions of higher learning.

This year’s items on agenda at the asssp’s forum included Managing Stress for Effective Service Delivery at Work and Home, Emerging Issues in students’ Discipline & Possible Remedies, Christianity as a Pillar in Education, Emerging Threats (High School Perspective) and Performance Management in the ever changing School Environment.

The ASSSPF conference that is held annually brings together all the AIC sponsored secondary schools principals from Kitui County to enhance their managerial skills in various areas touching on the secondary school environment.

The facilitators in the 2019 forum included SCU Vice Chancellor Prof. Mumo Kisau as the key note speaker, Bishop Timothy Kituo, Rev. David Kyalo, Prof. H. Embeywa, S.M. Kitenge, Dr. Mike Njeru of Daystar University, Dr. Katulwa, B.K. Ndumia the TSC County Director-Kitui and C. Kavyati, the forum’s secretary.