Welcome to Scott Christian University Library.

The Library aims to facilitate the fulfillment of the purpose of the University: to glorify God and build the church and the community at large through high quality programs of training and research.

Housed within a state of the art building, SCU Library which is fully automated provides a conducive environment where scholars can create, retrieve and share knowledge. Our rich collection ranges from print and non-print resources. These include online and multi-media resources that are easily accessible through the resource rooms housed within the library. Similarly our qualified staffs strive to provide a broad variety of quality services that support the Programmes of the university and encourage optimal use of the information resources.

God has given us the privilege of providing resources and services that inspire people who want to learn, discover think and do.

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The focus of the ICT department is to become an exemplar higher education ICT unit delivering best-practice, alongside excellent services to students, academic and administration staff.

ICT department is responsible for IT infrastructure (data transmission, storage and security) across the campus and the provision of computing and services for all the stakeholders (students, faculty and administration staff)

computer-labICT department is working on transforming the University’s IT infrastructure to meet the growing needs of students and staff for modern, powerful applications delivered over a fast, reliable network for the delivery of an excellent student experience, education and research, including superfast Wi-Fi, mobile working and access to information across multiple platforms and devices.

We want to develop a strong service and strategic relationships with key customer groups and stakeholders and in partnering with all parts of the University to help develop smart use of technology to deliver our services as a university.

The department aims at supporting the entire SCU community pursue their causes by availing relevant ICT resources which include computer labs and network resources.

Computer Labs

Our Computer Labs are available to all students, faculty and staff members of SCU. We have two computer labs, Lab 1 and Lab 2. Lab 1 is used for computer classes while lab 2 is for general use. The computers are available for such general uses as word processing, research, online learning and email.

Lab opening Hours

  • 8 to 10PM – Mondays to Friday
  • 9 to 6PM – Saturday.
  • Closed on Sunday and all public holidays

Network Resources

With an endeavor to support the students to effectively perform, we have maximized the resources that are available to support students to do their research effectively. We have also made Internet access possible to all the users within the network. The university also has WIFI connection for people who use laptops, tablets and phones. The WIFI connection is secured and to get access ask the ICT personnel for help. The Security key for accessing WIFI will be changed from time to time for security reasons.

Google Apps, Emails and Backups

All users at SCU are given e-mail addresses, a space of 30 GB for data backups among many other good features that Google has. We shall communicate more as we implement other services.

As a fast growing university that has students from diverse cultures, we offer on-campus quality, affordable and comfortable accommodation for our students that will give them a homely feeling away from home.

The hostels are situated within the school premises where it offers easy access for the students and security at large. Equipped with a modern relaxation room installed with cable T.V, it gives students the room to relax, socialize and catch-up with friends after classes. Hot water heaters have also been installed to enable the students enjoy a warm shower.

Rooms are allocated on the basis of first come with two wings, one for females and one for males. There is a housekeeping team that ensures the cleanness of the Hostels for efficiency.

Furthermore, with a student population that is multinational, our catering services are excellent as we do offer variety of Kenyan dishes. In addition those who seek to enjoy a meal outside the school have access to the Scott Conference and Retreat Centre which offers delicious meals at a fair price to both students and the university staff.