The Quality Assurance and Collaboration Unit of Scott Christian University was established in 2013. This was after the Commission of University Education (CUE) in collaboration with German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) organized a training for all Kenyan Universities Quality Assurance Unit in the same year. The current Director of Quality Assurance and Collaborations was one among the group that benefited from this training.

In 2013, the university adopted the School system and Quality Assurance Unit was endorsed by the Senate Council to oversee matters of academic quality in the University. In 2014, the unit was also mandated to be in-charge of External Collaborations with other colleges and universities.

Quality Assurance Unit and Collaborations of Scott Christian University is tasked with the responsibility of institutionalizing continuous attention to quality through systematic and structured internal and external assessment, which seeks feedback from all the University’s stakeholders, followed by implementation of quality enhancement plans based on the assessment. Its main concern is accreditation, evaluation and recognition of all our academic programmes and related aspects of the same.

The purpose is to ensure that the university achieves and maintains high quality standards of education and also exploits available opportunities for improvement. The broad objective of Quality Assurance and External Collaborations is to ensure that Scott Christian University and all her collaborating institutions remain distinguished dynamic Centers of academic excellence that offers quality education to all.

Dr. Barante, Director Quality Assurance Assistant


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