Scott is committed to maintaining high quality education, which involves having well qualified faculty and offering a selection of programmes. Supporting Scott financially or through offering services is a way you can partner with us in ensuring a holistic training to our students.

Scott seeks to be a financially sustainable organization meaning that a significant portion of the funding comes from student tuition and local Kenyan income. Additional initiatives like the new Conference and Retreat Centre allows Scott to offer valuable services to the public and gain income.

However, in order for Scott to grow donors like you are needed. Your gifts help ensure that students at Scott are receiving the highest quality instruction and services.

Ways that you can give to SCU

Scott Giving Day

The Africa Inland church (A.I.C) Kenya through Scott giving day every year in September supports SCU through financial giving within its branches. Every member of the A.I.C church generously contributes to enable the university realize its Vision of glorifying God by providing quality programmes of education and training, promoting research, preservation and transmission of knowledge, skilled services and inculcating godly character for sustainable holistic transformation of individuals and society.


One of the most tangible ways to assist the University is to provide a partial or full scholarship directly to a needy and deserving student.


Established by the Scott Christian University Foundation, these endowments will allow us to provide yearly assistance to those students from the poorest regions in Africa; as well as to supplement the salaries of our Kenyan faculty to ensure that we recruit and retain the best African educators and theologians.

Monthly Giving

Scott is always thankful for those willing to partner through monthly giving. Having committed funds allows us to plan for projects that will be beneficial in a way that is fiscally responsible.

One-time Gift

You can also support SCU through an open ended one-time gift or you can specify an area of interest that you would like to be supported by your funds.