One disastrous impact of postmodernism today is the reluctance, which borders on inability, of the masses to discern the truth from error.  There is a heightened clamor for freedom without responsibility, an obsession with wealth and pleasure without a work ethic, a pursuit of peace without justice and mercy, and a self-serving spirituality without God.  Do universities have solutions to these challenges?

It is generally accepted that the role of the university is to search, disseminate, and preserve knowledge and to equip men and women with professional skills needed in the work place and for service to humanity.  Africa has not lagged behind in these endeavors, yet poverty and underdevelopment hover above us like a cloud that will not go away.  All around us, we find highly educated men and women who have looted their national treasuries with disastrous consequences on the political, social and economic lives of their fellow citizens.

At Scott Christian University, we have the resolve to face these challenges head-on.  We see the need for value-based education, not based on secularism but on a firm biblical foundation on which the Western civilization was initially established but which the same Western scholarship has endeavored to undermine.  At Scott Christian University, we endeavor to educate and train men and women to align their minds with the Mind of the Creator of the Universe and to reassert the mission of the Church on earth, which is to be the salt and light of the world.

In order to transform society, we endeavor to engage and make significant contributions in all academic disciplines and to provide new and viable options where secular academia has failed.  Failure to do this on our part would amount to effectively shying away from missional integration and the educational mission of the Church.  We, as a community of scholars, invite you to come and join us in this noble calling.

Dr. Enoch Okode – Academic Assistant to the VC