Secondary Option

The Postgraduate Diploma (secondary option) is designed to meet the needs of professionals who are first-degree holders in fields other than education for secondary schools, but have employment that provides services to the same. They require a concentrated course in secondary school education that enables them to develop knowledge, methods of service delivery and skills directly related to their service provision. This Post Graduate Diploma is designed to meet this need. The programme intends to train teachers who are moral, ethical, creative, innovative, competent and accountable.  It also aims at providing an opportunity from self-development in relation to career and life-long learning

Early Childhood Development Education

The Post-graduate diploma (ECDE) is designed to provide an opportunity to the first degree holders in other areas other than early childhood development education, but have a passion to work with children. This programme is tailor—made to equip such people with skills and the necessary competencies for efficiency service delivery. We believe in producing professional competent Christian teachers; who are critical thinkers, creative, caring and making learning interesting