The Alumni Association of Scott Christian University was established in accordance with the section 33 of the university Charter. The Alumni Association consists of the graduates of the university and those persons who have attended the University as students for at least one academic year and whose studies have been terminated on grounds other than disciplinary.

The functions of the Alumni Association are:

  • Serving its members with the spiritual and academic stimulation
  • Providing its members with encouragement through periodic fellowship
  • Promote among potential students the benefits of studying at Scott Christian University
  • Engage in fundraising for the development of the University
  • Promote the reputation and the well-being of the University
  • Make suggestions to the senate in relation to the development of the academic programmes
  • Have a medium of prayers and news among its members in the University
  • Encourage national missionary vision among the alumni and the students
  • Elect members of the Executive Committee to execute official functions on its behalf.
  • Establish chapters of the Alumni Association
  • Engage in such activities, consistent with the Charter and Statutes, as will advance the interests of the University
  • Discuss any matters relating to the University and the transmit resolutions thereof in accordance with section 33 of the Charter